CyberCollect Software Solutions

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toll-free: (800) 950-0045


check and credit report issues/bankruptcy: (800) 634-4484


Customization and Training

CyberCollect was designed to be flexible with the ability to adapt to your changing environment.  Our experienced team will assist you in the installation process so that CyberCollect will be up and running in no time at all!

All collection and recovery personnel will be trained to maximize the effectiveness of our CyberCollect debt collection software.  Supervisors will be trained in managing CyberCollect including customizing system parameters, running management reports for monitoring productivity, and generating user-defined reports and letters.


CyberCollect Software Solutions personnel have over 30 years of experience in the debt collection industry.  We are available around the clock to provide proven phone and remote connection support.  Maintenance contracts are available on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis or, if you prefer, on a call-by-call basis.  Give us a call to discuss what is appropriate for your company.

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