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Florida Central Credit Union

"What I like most about CyberCollect is the ease of producing and modifying letters, the search capabilities, and creating reports. On the old system the collectors had to wait on IT to produce this information. Now we can do this ourselves. The collectors really enjoy the flexibility of the product. We always receive outstanding, excellent response time and problem resolution from customer support. And, the product has saved us time and money!"

George "Skip" Ertz, Collections Team Manager, Florida Central Credit Union

"CyberCollect is so user friendly. It's very easy for a collector to view where they are in their queue load, and what needs to be done first. And the reports are wonderful!! They are generated at the push of a button, and the time line is none!! Our workflow has now been streamlined for more effective collections work. Also, the customer support is EXCELLENT!!! The staff is always able to assist with any issues."

 Tracie L. Davis
, Collection Manager, Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union


"What I like most about CyberCollect is that it gives us the ability to change the field names on the screen to suit our specific needs. The report and query feature has had the most positive impact on our business. We couldn't report on certain aspects of our business previously.  We now have reports available that are critical to our business. We can track our collectors' productivity and set performance standards for them. Our productivity has definitely increased. And the support is excellent and very responsive."
Bob Katen, Senior Vice President, Fairpay Solutions

"CyberCollect is a great tool to efficiently manage the entire collection process, increase the return on collections, and decrease delinquencies and charged-off accounts. Workloads are prioritized and distributed, and the activity of collectors is tracked for reporting purposes. The support staff is always very helpful and willing to answer questions. Even though we are hours away, if we have a question, we just call and they connect right up to our computer and explain what's going on. I could not ask for better service!"
Tammy Villeneuve, Credit and Collections Supervisor, Ontera