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Company Overview

CyberCollect Software Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2008 when the CyberFinancial Systems division of CyberResources Corporation was transferred to the new company.

In 2000, CyberResources developed a Windows version of its debt collection system called CyberCollect using as its base the powerful Microsoft Access™ software and database engine. An option also exists to use Microsoft SQL Server™ as the database engine. CyberCollect encompasses all the major features of CyberCredit and CyberRecovery while adding several major new advances.

In 1995, CyberResources expanded its operations throughout Mexico and South America by a licensing arrangement with a leading Mexican financial software firm. Several debt collection systems are now operating in Mexico and South America at major financial institutions. The systems installed there are entirely in Spanish.

In 1991, CyberResources purchased the debt collection system from Control Data Corporation and added the recovery system. By then, over eighty major companies had CyberCredit collection systems installed and operating. Since that time, CyberResources has migrated the product to several UNIX based systems running on the popular Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC) now marketed by world leaders in computing technology.

CyberResources was founded in 1975 when the firm was hired by Control Data Corporation to develop an automated debt collection system for one of the largest banks in New York City.