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Since 1992, TeleVox has helped countless organizations nationwide collect debt quicker, more efficiently and for less cost. TeleVox’s HouseCalls automated messaging is two-thirds the cost of using a live agent and much more efficient than direct mail notices. Automated messaging allows account contact options without additional headcount and efficient use of live agents to focus on critically delinquent accounts. Voice, text and email messages can feature information specific to each client, including name, date and amount due. Automated messaging systems claim up to four times greater success than other collection strategies. Notifications through an automated messaging system consistently increase collections for businesses of all sizes.

CyberCollect interfaces with TeleVox's HouseCalls to provide data for calling campaigns.

Kilmist Corporation

Kilmist is a global provider of innovative software services.

CAS is designed to be the last billing system you ever have to purchase. Frequently, we are the second or third data processing company asked to solve the billing problems of our customers. Once CAS is installed and operational, it gets the job done. It works.

CyberCollect interfaces with CAS to provide collection departments with the most up-to-date  demographic and financial information on their customers.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, BillingTree is developing ways to make it easier for people to get paid for their products and services. BillingTree has become the trusted and proven solution provider to a variety of industries looking to increase efficiency and process payments quickly. BillingTree has lead the way with progressive, innovative solutions that address the diverse needs and challenges surrounding the payment process. With our experience in the payment industry, we have developed the most reliable, user friendly payment solutions in the world today.

CyberCollect uses the BillingTree gateways to allow ACH credit card and check payment functionality real-time from within CyberCollect customer screens.